A few words from some of my clients

I found Ruth to be a thoughtful, thorough and a very knowledgeable practitioner. Her friendly, confident manner put me at ease and made me comfortable ready for treatment. Her professionalism and competency were of an extremely high standard and I was really pleased at the amount of research she had made into my condition, as well as the informative print outs and exercises she gave me to better help my recovery. I would recommend her to everybody.

Richard, Cornwall

I am a recreational runner, and suffer the usual lower body aches and pains. Ruth’s knowledge, expertise and professionalism was outstanding in treating my hip, IT band and core muscle group issues. She began with an in-depth interview to determine background, history and specific areas of concern. Her examinations, relief treatment and suggested recovery exercises were spot on, and allowed me to return to form with an improved commitment. I also have new knowledge of how my body works and responds to the strains I put it through. Thank you Ruth!

Keith, Exeter

Ruth has been teaching me Pilates in a small group for around a year. She is gentle and caring and her expertise has meant that despite my serious medical conditions, I have grown stronger and fitter. I can highly recommend Ruth as both a Physiotherapist and Pilates teacher.

Anna, Exeter

Last winter, whilst running, I experienced sudden and extreme knee pain. The pain was so severe I had to stop running for weeks which was a huge blow as running is so important to me. I finally went to Ruth with my problem. It was the best thing I could have done. She carried out a thorough assessment with sensitivity and skill. Ruth then went on to explain to me, in language that I could understand, what the problem was. With her tailor made exercise plan and her follow up support I finally got back to running. I haven’t had any problems since. I am so grateful to Ruth and thanks to her I recently completed my first half marathon!!! Thank you Ruth!!

Christina, Cornwall

Ruth has been such a huge help to me with my various issues as I’ve returned to activity after a long time of being static.  She has a wonderful manner, both caring and professional, and is really clear about what’s going on and how I can help myself to get better.  The combination of acupuncture, massage and rehabilitative exercises has made a huge difference to me – Ruth has been and continues to be a fantastic support and I would recommend her to anybody.

Isobel, Exeter

I had been experiencing pins and needles for several months which then developed into quite severe pain in my right thumb. The sensation got quite difficult to deal with as it was waking me up at night, thus interrupting my sleep. Eventually I went to see a Chiropractor who I have seen many times before and has helped me in the past with other conditions; he didn’t help me with this current condition. After this I went to another Chiropractor who again did not cure the condition. I was then recommended the Blue Lotus centre who recommended Ruth Bennett a Physiotherapist who practices there. I spent an hour with Ruth who immediately diagnosed the cause of the problem and with clear instructions gave me the tools to resolve the issue. Ruth has an effortless manner with her patients and gives help and confidence when encouraging you to perform the necessary exercises. I had a follow up appointment with Ruth and was able to show the improvement in my health. I am extremely impressed with her knowledge and the way in which she deals with people, it’s more impressive when the two Chiropractors who have many more years of experience were unable to help me.

Pamela, Cornwall

Ruth is an excellent Pilates teacher! I attended her classes at the Estuary Clinic in Topsham. The classes accommodated up to 8 students so were small, friendly and individualised. As Ruth is also a trained physiotherapist, she had treated me for a back injury and subsequently a shoulder injury. I was more confident about attending her Pilates class as I felt I was coming to a safe environment and Ruth would tell me if I needed to modify a particular exercise.The classes were varied and contained elements of Pilates, yoga and Tai Chi and there was always a relaxation at the end of the class.I have learnt so much about my body and the importance of relaxation. Thank you Ruth!

Helen, Exeter

This is the best Pilates class I have ever attended and my level of fitness, strength and flexibility has improved more than I could have anticipated.  Ruth brings her expertise as a Pilates teacher but also her yoga experience which means the class is very varied and pleasurable.   From the start I have felt that she observes us all really carefully to check that we are doing the exercises correctly, she notices any niggles or soreness and it really feels like a Clinical Pilates class taught by a professional physiotherapist.  It’s also great fun and Ruth creates a lovely, friendly atmosphere.  I joined an established group but felt welcomed and included straight away. I really recommend this class.

Cathy, Exeter